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    If i am correct this is the 6000th post! [24] [21]
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    Messed up

    So. i somehow can not log into my computer account that has my minecraft on it and my passwords. When i try to log into minecraft on another computer account i couldn't remember my password and email. I got minecraft a long time ago by my sister. And guess what, yep she doesn't remember either...
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    Uh welcome tardip?

    So i just noticed i needed to register here so hi guys im tardip and i like turtles/Trees. I enjoy building random stuff and playing cool RolePlay. I love helping the sever ask rune i ask to help, and build stuff for the server. So thats me! :D Ps: im like 415 days late [:P]
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    Can anyone tell me a few good numbers for the profile picture on forums i keep guessing but i still get it wrong
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    I really messed up..

    Guys i really messed up WaterBlade invited me to his island and i thought it was like a coop but them when i accepted i lost everything i had.. in sky block my huge island, farms. supplies everything i had in that island is gone. So i might now even play sb anymore i feel like quieting...
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    Lets give thanks

    Guys i noticed staff arent really being thanked for building skyblock and all the commands and hard work put into it! so i think that this is our time to give thanks for all the AWESOME staff we have today that help us! for this is just a big thanks for all the staff out there! Thanks...
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    Sb idea

    We should make a Skyblock and Hub forum page where you can talk about how the islands are going and other awesome stuff! :D
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    Help plsssssssssss

    How do i post pictures in forums please help me guys :D
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    I was wondering if you can use the sf things in other faiths like if you mastered air but you need to master water and you change to the water faith can you still be able to use the wind staff?
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    New Water Powers

    Maxxed Out water: Use a staff form sf and it will give you the power to move water April Fools( Its not april but its a late april fools )
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    I need help

    Right now im building a architect office and i need your help!
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    I can see

    Some players didnt believe me. They said it was Glitch but i say its a Gift i could see other worlds i could see between 1.8 and 1.9. I saw things i dont want to say Monsters. Ships. All this is in another world. I didnt think i would be able to get out. But i did Join me and we can go back in...
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    The meaning of life

    So i saw it said Tavern Talk about the meaning of life So here it is life līf/Submit noun 1. the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. "the origins of...
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    Parkour time!

    Im trying to make a parkour map and i cant do it alone i need your guys help send me a letter in forums if you want to help! :D
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    i like turtles

    Reply this comment with the word "Same" if you like turtles