1. HiggiMC

    Halloween Theme Park Open

    The Halloween Theme park is once again open! To get there all you have to do is /spawn, turn right, and follow the signs to the portal If you have any questions feel free to ask the park staff: PBunnny, Birdy or Icy
  2. HiggiMC

    Enchanted Maze now Open!

    Come explore mystic wonders, solve puzzles, and have some fun! The Enchanted Maze is now Open. Created by iDeb! You can warp to it in the Mazes Portal at /games 3
  3. HiggiMC

    Four Corners Maze

    The new maze titled, "Four Corners" is now officially open! Check it out at /games 3. With four different mazes inside of one, it just shows that you should really come and check it out! Maze created by HiggiMC
  4. HiggiMC

    Cake Maze Open!

    After many months of hard work, the Cake Maze is finally open! You can access it by going to the maze portal in the Carnival! ( /games 3 ) Hopefully you enjoy looking at the cake as much as we like eating it :)