1. johnnywaffles123

    Runic 5.0 Beta-Launch!!

    We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who came online and worked through all the bugs to get Runic 5.0 beta-launched. We achieved 20+ players on at once, and had a successful opening day! Players explored and found hidden treasures, and reignited their passion for Runic Paradise. It was...
  2. Deb

    Runic Universe 5.0 is Getting Closer

    There is no set date yet, but it's coming soon! We're only waiting on one or two more plugins. Until then, take a look at everything that's coming with the map reset! The survival world will be completely reset and in 1.13! What's changing? Economy All balances reset New values of items...
  3. Rune

    Runic Reset News

    Hello Runic citizens and friends! Due to the confusion that has ensued the last few months, staff has agreed to publish what exactly will be resetting in these next few weeks. Old player stats will be immortalized and stats will start anew. Inventory, souls, money and map will all be getting a...