MobCatcher Protection


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Dec 21, 2015
MobCatcher Protection

Our newest ranks include the awesome ability of catching mobs with eggs and being able to respawn them in new areas. To protect your animals from being stolen by egg, there is a method you can use that is easier than keeping them in a box.

First, bring a sign to your animals.

Secondly, place the sign nearby. On the top line, write "MobCatcher" (capitalization does not matter). On the second line, write a name for the area. It can be your username, a random word, anything. You can leave the third line blank or write a radius. Leaving it blank will make the radius 25 blocks. The maximum radius you can set is 75.

There you go! You can see how many signs you are in the radius of with /mobc area.

Now all of your animals in the radius of the sign are protected from thieving Dukes/Duchesses and above!


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Aug 23, 2015
Freemason headquarters
Freemason headquarters
(This of course doesn't mean that you're allowed to take any and all animals that aren't protected, taking or messing with someone else's animals without permission is still considered griefing, but this helps with peace of mind and preventing misunderstandings)