Short Guide to Pets


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Dec 21, 2015
Masters can have parrot pets!
Dukes can have wolf pets!
Barons can have iron golem pets!
Anyone can vote for a chance to win a wither skeleton pet!

You can purchase a pet with /petshop.

Sometimes pets get hungry. To feed them, right click your pet with a type of food that they eat!

Parrots eat seeds and cookies.
Wolves eat raw chicken and raw beef.
Iron golems eat iron ingots.
Wither skeletons eat bones.

You can name your pet with /petname <name>. Colors are supported! No inappropriate names please, or you may lose access to your pet.

To have multiple pets, store your pets with /petstore. You can choose which pet you want with /petswitch.
To get rid of your pet, use /petrelease.
To hide your pet, use /petsendaway, and call it back with /petcall.

To choose whether or not your pet should respawn automatically, use /petrespawn auto.

Your pets can fight for you! Use /petchooseskilltree (or /pcst) to select the list of skills you want your pet to use. Within some skilltrees, you can change your pet's behavior with /petbehavior. Normal means it will act like a regular animal. Duel means it will fight any nearby pets that are also set to Duel! To see your pet's skills, use /petskill! As they level up, more skills become available (such as /petbeacon, other /petbehavior skills, and more!).

Want an extensive explanation? Check out the MyPet wiki!

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