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    [Game] Count to 301

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    [Game] Count to 301

    So this is the 46th post but we are only on 45
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    Guess who's back!

    Welcome back. Though, there have been many changes...
  4. One of the last unraided temples of Runic 4.0

    One of the last unraided temples of Runic 4.0

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    Comment by 'ChefCoast' in media 'Rune'

    It's that camo.
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    [Game] Count to 301

    It may take 17 years
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    New website on the way!

    Nice! XenForo has so many cool features to it.
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    [Game] Make a Wish and Have It Corrupted

    Wish granted but everyone forgot who they were (but seriously I have no clue what sport this is) I wish I didnt procrasinate on homework till it was done (litteraly just finished my rough draft for peer review tomorrow)
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    Tye vs Trixie who's gonna win >:3

    The ground drops, tyler falls, trixie over shoots tyler, keeps flying to the left... no winners :P
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    The Evolution of Tye from day 1 on the server to now =)

    I did not know that you went through that many changes... I thought maybe 3?
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    Hey there!

    Welcome to Runic!
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    Samuel_3rd Channel Updates

    Hopefully not too much trouble
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    [Game] Dorito

    Ive never had spicy cheese doritos are yummy and taste like salsa
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    Survival is now on 1.11!

    /pr i dont work
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    New Creative Contest: Fantastic Beasts

    Winners announced above!