About Runic Paradise

Runic Paradise is a survival multiplayer (SMP) minecraft community. We have a good, strong band of regular people who have joined us over the past few years, and always welcome newcomers as well. As for what features Runic Paradise has in its current version...

  • Ranks system to increase your 'perks' and responsibilities (if you like) over time
  • Economy plugins so you can gather a fortune and buy/sell from the server or players
  • Teleportation hub to get to main community areas fast
  • Anti-griefing plugins to stop griefers and undo their damage
  • Live map to explore our world from high above and chat with us from outside Minecraft
  • Screenshot gallery that everyone can contribute to
  • Ability for everyone to lock their doors and chests
  • Donation store to help support the server and get rewarded for doing so
  • ...and the list will not stop there.

These are early days for Runic Paradise 4.0... join us and grow with us!

Joining Runic Paradise

The server is open 24/7 for anyone to join; the IP is play.runic-paradise.com. New players will start in our tutorial where they will learn more about the server. Once they finish, they can be promoted which allows them to build right away.

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    Jul 29, 2018
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