Staff Ranks

Read on if you would like to learn more about the staff ranks in the Runic Universe!


Helpers are the first line of defense for the staff team and usually, but not always, somewhat new to staffing on Runic. They can take care of basic requests and answer most questions. We only promote people to staff who have been around for a while so although Helper is the first staff rank in the chain, they still know a lot!


Enforcers make up the majority of the staff team. They can do everything a Helper can, plus a lot more! Their primary job is to keep our players going in a happy and fun environment. They answer questions, help out with small bugs or glitches, help manage regions, restore items that have been lost to problems, and more. They also help guide and teach our Helpers.


Architects are basically enforcers who love to build on big projects. They can do everything an enforcer can as well as use worldedit for major map projects.


Directors have been staff for a long time and have proven themselves to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. They can do everything an architect can do as well as manage permissions and other sensitive parts of the server. They help ease the day-to-day burden on the admins by taking care of the simpler aspects of server administration. Directors are the official trainers as staff promote to new ranks (although it's a bit of a team effort depending on what's being taught).


Admins are the highest staff rank and have access to all areas of the server. They can view the console and logs and make sure the server runs smoothly. They add and manage plugins as needed and resolve disputes or questions when directors need a higher authority to help out.

How do I become staff?

Generally, the admins will determine when additional staff would be useful... but sometimes staff do make suggestions on when it's necessary to get more helpers. All staff then put suggestions into the mix of players they feel would be good at staffing on Runic. On those nominations, all other staff then chime in with their thoughts... basically approving or rejecting based on their own experiences. After a few days, we end up with a shorter list of candidates that most, if not all, agree on... and those lucky individuals are contacted to see if they'd like a Helper position. If they accept, they get a promotion!

So you may still be wondering how you become staff. How do you get nominated to be a part of the "staff promotion ritual?" It's pretty simple! Be active - you have to be online for us to notice you. Be helpful - if players are asking questions, help answer some of them. Nobody can handle them all, don't worry! Be a role model - don't break the rules. Breaking the rules or arguing with any staff severely hurts your chances, as you can tell now that you know how our process works. So be a good egg, log on, be helpful, and you just may find yourself with a shiny red tag before your name!

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    Jul 29, 2018
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