1. HiggiMC

    Winter Raffle Winners Announced

    With the Winter Raffle finally over I am happy to announce the winners. The winners can pick up their prizes are /warp WinterRaffle ChooChoo1214 MooseNinja213 Piglover890 Platina32 Piglover890 SLOJAVI Emedette herbykit SLOJAVI Platina32 Please pick up your raffle items quickly :) We look...
  2. HiggiMC

    Winter Raffle Open!

    The Winter Raffle of 2019 is now open! Go to /warp WinterRaffle to discover new quests and the prizes! Raffle will run till the end of January, giving players plenty of time to earn and buy tickets. Make sure to spread the word to your friends and to participate! Use /raffle in game to buy...
  3. HiggiMC

    Halloween Theme Park Open

    The Halloween Theme park is once again open! To get there all you have to do is /spawn, turn right, and follow the signs to the portal If you have any questions feel free to ask the park staff: PBunnny, Birdy or Icy
  4. HiggiMC

    Fall Raffle Winners Announced

    I am pleased to announce the Fall Raffle winners! We'd like to thank everyone for participating in the raffle and making this raffle unique. We sadly only had 12 players participate and would love to see more in the Winter Raffle :) There were a total of 1558 tickets earned and bought making the...
  5. HiggiMC

    Fall Raffle Open

    Come hop onto RunicParadise and check out the new Fall Raffle!! Come solve quests, earn tickets, and have fun. We also have some pretty cool prizes too! Tickets may be purchased as well with /raffle. /warp FallRaffle in-game! Special thanks to IcyPenguin and HopeHummingbird for building the...
  6. HiggiMC

    Raffle Winners Announced

    First of all, thanks to all who participated in the raffle. It was a ton of fun :) Here are a few fun statistics about the raffle: -We had 36 Participants -There were a total of 7,439 tickets bought or earned! -13 Different prizes were able to be earned -18 of the 36 participants earned over 100...
  7. HiggiMC

    Xmas In July

    Happy to announce a new event; Xmas In July! This event is a gift exchange between players. Players can get a chest at /warp XmasJuly from a staff member up until the 25th of July. Then, on the 25th of July, all chests will be opened so players can drop gifts in other player's chests. Find all...
  8. HiggiMC

    EL Update

    I'm happy to announce that Explorer's League now has 10 new rooms (in a series) you can go find! This used to be something awhile ago, but due to updating of different things, the old rooms had to be disabled. Now, you can go find these new ones! Here is your first hint: Alone as can be, reading...
  9. HiggiMC

    Summer Raffle Open!

    I'm happy to announce that the Summer Raffle is now open! You can earn tickets by buying them with /raffle, completing quests you find at /warp Raffle, and from staff hosted contests. There are a variety of prizes you could win, so make sure to check those out too! Much work has gone into the...
  10. HiggiMC

    Ice Dragon Parkour Open!

    After tons of hard work, a new parkour is now open; the Ice Dragon Parkour! Come explore the amazing build work of Deb and Johnny, along with having some fun throughout your journey. Go to the Parkour portal at /games 3 to access it.
  11. HiggiMC

    Enchanted Maze now Open!

    Come explore mystic wonders, solve puzzles, and have some fun! The Enchanted Maze is now Open. Created by iDeb! You can warp to it in the Mazes Portal at /games 3
  12. HiggiMC

    Spring Raffle Winners Announced!

    After a few weeks of players earning and buying tickets, I am happy to announce the results of the Spring Raffle! Winners can pick up their prize(s) at /warp raffle. The winners are listed below with the amount of tickets they earned and/or purchased in parentheses. G_Mannn (1205) Prof. Kim...
  13. HiggiMC

    Build Contest Winners

    Stay tuned for a special suprise!! Coming Soon! After tons of hard work from dedicated players, I am happy to announce the results of the contest! In 1st Place, we have Icypenguin with his fantastic ice castle/village build In 2nd Place, we have DinosaurRawr with her peaceful wood village build...
  14. HiggiMC

    Catacomb Maze

    The new maze titled, "Catacomb" is now officially open! Come explore the catacombs underneath spawn! (You'll have to find the entrance in /spawn!)
  15. HiggiMC

    Four Corners Maze

    The new maze titled, "Four Corners" is now officially open! Check it out at /games 3. With four different mazes inside of one, it just shows that you should really come and check it out! Maze created by HiggiMC
  16. HiggiMC

    Winter Raffle Open!

    After much preparation, the Winter Raffle is now open!!!! You can check out the prizes at /warp Raffle. You can purchase up to 1,000 tickets for 500R each with the /raffle command, and you can win even more from staff by competing in contests or from good behavior. You never know when a staff...
  17. Rune

    New Paintball Arena

    Do you have a thirst for treasure and fallen enemies? Care for a tropical beach with a little bit of snow to refresh you? Then the right place for you is between all the Pirate skirmish on the new paintball map, Pirate's Paradise! You can join this arena with your fellow players with the command...