1. HiggiMC

    Welcome IcyPenguin to the Staff Team!

    Icy's been staff for awhile now, but still needed the official form welcome! Icy is an amazing staff member and can help you with all your needs. We're super grateful to have him apart of the team! 💖
  2. HiggiMC

    Welcome to the staff team, Clockwork!

    We'd like to welcome our newest helper, Clockwork! We know he'll help guide Runic in the right direction.. Don't be afraid to ask him for help :)
  3. Thing1A2

    Welcome to Staff Higgi! (sorry we're late)

    We'd love to announce that HiggiMC is our newest staff member! We can 'bearly' contain our excitement at his promotion! Don't be afraid to ask for his help, he's 'clawly' suited for this job!
  4. Rune

    New Helper - Phantom!

    Congratulations to our newest Helper, fullphantomblaze! Her dedication to the server and kindness to all of Runic's players has made her perfect for this position, so don't be afraid to ask her for help! She doesn't bite. Probably.